CBD Vape, or Cannabidiol Vape, May Cure Many Ailments

CBD Vape Pen

When you hear someone talk about CBD vape, you think of the guys on the corner vaping or people posting YouTube videos doing vape tricks (usually). But what If I told you that there is something called cannabidiol that can cure many ailments which affect millions of people each day? Whether you want to believe it or not, cannabidiol is a great way to help people with Epilepsy, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Depression, Schizophrenia and even Diabetes. The list goes on for how much this product can help people, but I would be here for days typing it up and that is why I wanted to just target the main things that CBD vape can help.

Over the years there have been thousands of studies on marijuana and how it can affect people in a good and bad way. There are actually no studies that were concluded to see anything negative happening after smoking marijuana, besides the munchies, that would harm anyone in contact with it. So why it’s still illegal in most states actually blows my mind. There are thousands of fatalities due to drinking and driving each week but not many deaths related to marijuana over the course of history!

When it comes to cannabis, there are roughly 100 out of 500 different compounds that are cannabinoids. These compounds are unique to cannabis and can be extracted for good use in the medical field, especially CBD (Cannabidiol).

When you have CBD vape, you’re not getting a high like if you were to be inhaling THC from marijuana. CBD is extracted from the cannabis and used for medical purposes, which I’ll cover in the following.


The Effects of CBD Vape on Epilepsy

When you think of epilepsy you see someone have uncontrollable shakes. What if I told you that there have been many cases where an epileptic patient uses CBD and has near total relief from it? Would you think that CBD should be widely distributed to patients in need?

One prime example is of a child who could not control their shakes, and once CBD was applied to both arches of the feet, it only took a few seconds for the shakes to stop. This child isn’t getting high from the oil because there are no properties within it that will do this, the child is experiencing “normality” because of the oil and can live at least a few minutes while in control.


Using CBD for Cancer

When using CBD on cancer patients there have been plenty of results showing neoplasmís, or tumors, slowing growth or even stopping all together. Apoptosis is a natural was of clearing out dead cells within a body and CBD gives the immune system a boost in order to help it out.

With normal cells, apoptosis runs normally and is expected to work day in and day out. When someone has cancer, the cells will break down and be dealt with through apoptosis, but the cancer cells have a way of eluding this cycle. The great thing with CBD is that it has the ability to slow down the process and stimulate apoptosis to work regardless if it’s a cancer cell or dead cell.


The use of CBD with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, is a condition where the body is constantly in pain due to the immune system attacking the personís nerves within the brain as well as the spinal cord. This causes immense pain that is almost constant.

There is a THC/CBD spray that is sold by GW Pharmaceuticals that has shown to work with MS, but it’s incredibly expensive and that means it’s not within reach for most consumers. CBD is shown to have healing/helping properties for someone with MS, but the only spray sold is so expensive that people are looking for other pain reducers.

Most studies have combined THC and CBD to manage MS symptoms such as muscle stiffness, spasms, pain and depression. On the other hand, there are multiple studies that show CBD alone can help alleviate these same symptoms. This means that if you don’t have the funds to purchase the spray from GW Pharmaceuticals, you can try using a CBD supplement and see if it works for you.


Using CBD for Depression

CBD vape has been seen to have multiple applications, even with depression, which will help millions of people around the world. CBD is known to work with depression as well as anxiety and a boat load of other psychiatric symptoms.

So if you have one of these psychiatric symptoms, CBD might be the thing you need in your life to stay positive.


In Conclusion, using a CBD inhaler is probably one of the best things you can do for an ailment. This ailment could be anything, not just something that is life threatening. Before jumping on the band wagon, be sure to do your research prior to searching out CBD  and using it for your own diagnosis.