CBD Vape for Businesses Such as Smoke Shops and Pharmacies

When you first hear of CBD vape you probably think of “Vaping”. But what if I told you that cannabidiol vape cartridges, oils salves and other CBD products can sell well in your smoke shop, pharmacy or even a chiropractic office? Over the years there have been many studies on Canibidiol and we have found out that it has many medical applications. People coming into your business will see this new Cannabidiol and wonder what it is, after you explain to them the properties of the product and the fact that it is currently helping people with ailments like Cancer, depression, MS, and even something as little as stress, they will know that you have something they might be interested in.

Selling Cannabidiol

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

When you purchase CBD vape in order to sell it to your clients or foot traffic, you’re not breaking any type of law since it’s legal for consumption. There is not (more than 0.3%) THC within the oils and that is why it’s legal to sell to anyone over the age of 18 or whatever your legal age to smoke might be.

Putting a sign up for CBD vape in a smoke shop or pharmacy will get people asking about it. They might try it out, and if they do, they will know the power it has and they will likely be coming back to ease their pain in a legal way.

How to get clients to purchase CBD

Now there will always be those people who are considered “Old School” and they don’t like change. They will learn how CBD is derived and they will just think it’s marijuana. For these people it will be much more difficult to convince them they aren’t doing anything illegal or inhaling anything like Marijuana.

Relate CBD vape to a common cigarette and talk about how the cigarette as a whole is dangerous to someones health, but if you were to take apart each and every piece of the cigarette, it could be ok to inhale. You have the filter, paper, tobacco, tar and various carcinogens but if you were to take out just the tobacco without the tar and carcinogens, it would be much better for everyone. You need to relate that to how CBD vape works, you tell them how the canibidiol is extracted and there is nothing like THC within the oil, which makes it perfectly safe for everyone to inhale. Let them know there is no high from ingesting the vapors and the only side affect is that they will be alleviated from their pain, depression, anxiety, etc.

There’s No “High” Involved In CBD

Since CBD is linked to Cannabis, it will likely be thought of as a drug that people inhale to get high. But if you know what CBD vape is, you already know that this isn’t the case and that it can be used for it’s main purpose, and that’s medicinal.

During the extraction process, most of the THC is left behind while the CBD is pulled out. It’s like separating water and oil, you can do it easily if you just know how. The bond of CBD and THC isn’t strong, and that means they can be pulled apart rather easily. For this reason, many companies are getting into the Cannibidiol market and making their own products.

THC is the reason people get high when smoking Cannabis, and since the CBD is extracted while the THC is left behind, there is no high after ingestion. CBD vape is perfectly safe for anyone since there is no lethal dosage, and since it has many medical applications it will be good for millions of users if they want to give it a try.

In The End, there are always going to be those people who will say that CBD vape is the worst thing in the world simply because it’s derived from Cannibis, and those are the people you shouldn’t be targeting anyway. There are massive amounts of people out there that can benefit from CBD vape and it’s medicinal properties and they will likely search you out if they learn of what Cannibidiol can do and figure out you have it for sale!